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Now that Vista and above no longer includes a SMTP server it has made things harder for developers to test SMTP client code. That's where this steps in. Send the email directly to the SMTP server assigned to that email address by querying its MX record.

Simply add a reference to your project for the assembly and call TensaiLabs.DNS.MXLookup("") and it returns an array of strings (since many MX records supply several SMTP server address). Then send the email for the email address using the System.Net.Mail namespace as you normally would and one of the SMTP servers returned from the lookup and you're all set. No need for an SMTP server and now that Vista & above no longer include one this is a perfect solution as it also saves you the hassle of finding and running a sub-par replacement for IIS SMTP. In a way it sort of feels like we should have been doing it this way from the start. Maybe in the future we'll get lucky and this method will be included in the .NET framework itself.

The source package contains the assembly project and a simple example console project to display it's usage. If you just want to throw the DLL assembly in your project then simply download it and call it as I have described above.

Gregory Kornblum - Tensai Labs

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